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Do I need a Forklift licence?

Do you or your team require the use of operating a Forklift? Where do you start? What licence do you need? Where do you get a licence? And where would you get a Forklift? No worries! Duralift answers all your questions.


Basically, there are 2 main classifications of Forklifts;

  1. Forklift Truck
  2. Order-Picking Machine

Forklift Truck – machines equipped with a mast and elevating carriage with a pair of fork arms.

Order-Picking Machine – machines where the control moves together with the load carriage


With regards to Licences to operate one of these machines, Worksafe classifies driving a forklift as high-risk work in Australia. It was classified in September 2010 to protect workers from dangers involving the operation of this type of heavy equipment. This means that you require a high-risk work licence to operate one by law.

So what type of Licences are required for these FORKLIFTS?

Worksafe “LF” Licence TLILIC0003

This licence lets you operate all types of Forklifts except Order Picker Forklifts. There are no weight or load restrictions. This licence is Nationally Recognised.

Worksafe “LO” Licence TLILIC0004

This licence lets you operate Order Picking Forklifts Only. It is recommended to obtain LF Licence first. This licence is Nationally Recognised.

What do these courses involve?

Undertaking the course itself is a two-part process with a training course and skills assessment from a Registered Training Organization. Once these requirements have been met your application needs to be submitted to the relevant government body. These organisations include; WorkSafe Victoria, SafeWork New South Wales, Access Canberra, WorkCover Queensland, WorkSafe Western Australia, SafeWork South Australia, NT WorkSafe and WorkSafe Tasmania.

The Forklifts currently available at Duralift are Forklift Trucks and only require a Worksafe LF Licence TLILIC0003.

What if I don’t have a LF Licence or LO Licence?

It is a minimum requirement to have a LF Licence for machines classified as Forklift Trucks and a LO Licence for machines classified as Order Picking Forklifts. Not having a license WILL result in hefty fines and very likely jail time.


Yes, both Worksafe LF Licence and Worksafe LO Licence needs to be renewed every 5 years.

References: This information has been sourced from WorksafeVic


SO HOW DO I GET MY LF Licence OR LO Licence?

Short answer: DURALIFT

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