• Load Capacity 2,500 kg
  • Ideal for use with standard pallets
  • Hand operated
  • 5 pumps to max height


    Hire Duration
    Daily RateWeekly RateBoth

    • Hand operated
    • Ideal for use with standard size pallets
    • 5 pumps to maximum height

    Looking to hire a pallet jack? Duralift is your answer to your pallet jack hire needs!

    When you need to quickly and conveniently transport goods, our pallet jacks will help you move almost anything with ease! It is the ideal solution for materials handling in any warehouse or construction site.

    If you need to lift heavy items and a forklift is too big for the space you are working within, then why not hire a pallet jack from Duralift?

    Pallet jacks (manually driven pallet trucks, also known as pallet lifters) are an integral tool for any construction process. Made for transporting a wide variety of loads up to 2500kg, warehouses and construction sites can all benefit with the help of reliable pallet jack hire. Our pallet jacks are easy to operate, simply pump the handle to lift goods and push the truck into place with minimal effort.

    Warehouses choose pallet lifter hire because the machines are easy to use in the transportation of goods. As one of the most basic types of forklifts, pallet jacks are ideal for low-level order picking, and loading and unloading trucks. Best of all Duralift’s pallet jacks comply with safety and OHS standards, so that your team can work safely on site. For materials handling that makes jobs simpler and more efficient, Duralift provides pallet jacks for hire all across Melbourne.


    When you need a pallet jack in Melbourne, you don’t need to buy one or wait days for a delivery. With Duralift, we can have your machinery out to you when you need it with short turnaround times. So, there’s less downtime on site and you can get the job done faster. With years of experience and quality guarantees, Duralift is your partner for all pallet jack hire and rental of access hire equipment.

    Get a Quote for Pallet Lifter Hire

    It’s easy to book a pallet lifter with Duralift. We have equipment to suit all sites and jobs, so browse our range and check out the specifications of each piece of equipment. Duralift are the experts in access hire and construction equipment hire. Let us know more about the job on-hand and we can provide the machinery you need to get it done more efficiently.

    If you’re not sure about what equipment you need, just contact our team by calling 1300 580 580 or contact us online. We can offer expert advice and provide a free same-day quote.

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