Mast Lift GR20

8.07m Working Height
6.07m Platform Height
80cm wide – one man lift
1112kg machine weight
159kg lift capacity
For use in confined spaces

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Mast Lift GR20

These Mast Lift GR20 Vertical Lifts have a 8.07m working height. The size of the machine in the stowed position makes it ideal for compact spaces. The platform can extend to a size of 1.4 x 0.75m and hold 159kg, and access to power on the platform.
Mast Lift GR20 Vertical Lifts are extremely compact, low-weight machines that increase productivity on the job thanks to their easy to manoeuvrability and their ability to fit through doorways and in most passenger elevators. A zero inside turning radius and full elevation drive feature also contribute to this models’ increased productivity.

Suitable for:

access to tight spaces such as offices, building interiors or confined exterior areas with flat surfaces

1300 580 580
Working height max 8.07 m
Platform height max 6.07 m
Width 0.80 m
Stowed length 1.35 m
Stowed height 1.99 m
Platform size 0.89 x 0.75 m
Lift capacity 159 kg
MACHINE WEIGHT 1,112 to 1,150kg (depending on model)

Models Available: Genie GR20 (8m Mastlift)


  • Ideal for compact spaces
  • The platform can extend to 1.4 x 0.75m and 159kg capacity
  • Power to platform
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Can fit through doorways and most passenger elevators
  • This item can be supplied on a trailer or delivered directly
    to your work site
  • Ideal for indoor use or flat level ground

Vertical Lifts are ideal for direct vertical access, particularly in tight spaces.

Specifications: Mast Lift GR20
Mast Lift GR20 Video

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