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What is a Manitou?

Over the years many of our customers have phoned us at Duralift asking for a Manitou. This is a common request we get for machinery hire, however very often most people are not aware of what type of machine they are actually after.


About Manitou

Manitou is a company manufacturing a range of machinery that is known for their 4WD prowess. Manitou began in the 1950s and now has a wide product range encompassing Forklifts, Telehandlers, Compact loaders and Access equipment.


Rough Terrain Forklift

A Rough Terrain Forklift is commonly referred to as a Manitou in the construction industry. They are also referred to as Buggy Forks.

Where standard gas or diesel forklifts are designed to operate on flat surfaces, these rough terrain Manitou forklifts offer far more versatility on construction sites, allowing large loads to be moved on uneven surfaces or inclines.

manitou forklift Duralift
Image supplied by Manitou

Construction and building sites often have obstructions such as rubble, small mounds of dirt or muddy ground that often makes it difficult to use a standard Forklift. The Manitou Forklift is equipped with outdoor rough terrain tyres, and 4WD diesel power, making light work of navigating through such obstacles.

Duralift stocks Manitou Forklifts for hire with a lift capacity of 2.5 tonnes and a lift height of 3.7m.

Check out the Specs here:   Rough Terrain Forklift

manitou forklift Duralift



Being experts in 4WD lift equipment, Manitou also has a great range of Telescopic handlers. Once again these Telehandlers are synonymous with quality, reliability and comfort, making easy work of moving through rough terrain surfaces.

The 4 wheel steering mode gives the operator a very short turning radius on our 2.5 and 3 tonne telehandlers. Combined with very compact dimensions our Manitous are the perfect fit for any cramped worksites as it can easily manoeuvre its way around on various types of terrains.

Our customers also love the JSM (Joystick Switch & Move) which gives the operator access to Forward/N/Reverse direction and all hydraulics movements just using the right hand while the left hand can stay on the steering wheel. The JSM unique shape makes the operator’s right hand gently resting on the joystick which offers great comfort and less wrist pain compared to traditional telehandler joysticks.

Duralift stocks Manitou Telehandlers for hire in both 2.5 tonne and 3 tonne lift capacity. The 3 tonne Telehandlers are equipped with outriggers to stabilise the machine when lifting heavy loads.

Check out the Specs here:   2.5 tonne Telehandler  |   3 tonne Telehandler

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Telehandler 2.5t

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Telehandler 3t

Manitou machines available for hire at Duralift come fully rail spec’d.

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