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So you own a construction business and are great at that particular field, but running the business side of things might not be so native to you. If that’s you, read on.

I recently attended a seminar of Dale Beaumont’s at Business Blueprint, and it got me thinking – if technology can have such a powerful impact on our businesses in general, what technology could specifically help my customers in the construction industry to assist them in making each day more productive and profitable.

Here are the top 5 technologies I believe should be implemented right away if they aren’t already:



Some hand picked apps that may not only apply to your business but also benefit it are:

BRiN – Business Blueprint App, the world’s first Artificially Intelligent business advisor. Always be learning, and this is a great way to keep your business up to speed – it’s like a coach in your pocket, and it’s FREE!

Safety Meeting – the best app available for documenting required OSHA Safety Meetings. Easily store current & past meetings electronically in the event they are needed. Incident reports and checklists can also be stored electronically, and printed as needed.

FieldProject – FieldProject creates a real-time link between office staff and field workers using mobile devices

Timeero –a GPS time tracking mobile app built for the construction and trade contractors industry. Employees clock in and their GPS location and time is recorded. Timeero was developed to help eliminate buddy punching and save time on the job site.

ShareMyToolbox – ShareMyToolbox is a tool tracking mobile app that not only allows construction workers to check tools in and out but also transfer tools between employees in the field. The app keeps a complete list of all the tools a company owns as well as who is responsible for each tool.


drones dji phantom 4 pro

With the invention of drones, it has taken the construction industry to new heights. They’re not just high-flying robots that are fun to whizz around in your garden for a few minutes, but instead, they are revolutionizing how the construction sector operates.
The biggest advantage of using drones is that they are very efficient and incredibly accurate for site inspections and progress reports. Companies are also using these devices to monitor logistics, deliveries, and employees. Additionally, drone footage can be converted into 3D images which can be beneficial for architectural planning. The use of drones can also drastically improve worksite health and safety by helping to eliminate dangers and hazards. Additionally, they have led to an increase in security effectiveness, through protecting the safety of on-site employee’s and monitoring for theft and vandalism.



The use of VR in the construction industry has transformed the approval process by giving clients the ability to walk through the design of their building before it is complete. This is an efficient way of improving client satisfaction and those not using it will start falling behind.



Okay, this may not sound like any great technological advancement or “hack” since social media has been around for a long time and the average person spends 2hrs a day on social media personally, but are you using it for your business?

Try setting up a business page/account on at least 3 social media channels and consistently like, post, comment, and message for at least one month and report back to us on the results. (hint: tried and successfully proven)

We would love to hear how technology has benefited your business- how and in what way. Comment below to let us know!



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