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Time is Money

How precious is time to you? Begin the project and then complete it with your best foot forward.

Time wasted = Money wasted

Think about your hire process. Are you able to calculate what you are spending for every minute wasted on site? We keep our delivery times quick so that you can keep your costs down.

Don’t put up with poor service! Does this look familiar to you?

  1. Tender project
  2. Quote project
  3. Apply for the project
  4. Win the project
  5. Begin the project
  6. Complete the project

Duralift comes in at almost every step. We want to be able to give you the best quote as soon as you request it, to help get your quote tendered first, giving you a more likely chance to win the job. We also will be right beside your company, whether you ring up the day the project starts or 3 months in advance, we will be there to help you. The project begins and the machine will be there when you ask for it, ready to go.

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