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From time to time you will encounter situations where you need to work at height on sensitive floors and surfaces such as school gymnasiums, mezzanines, upstairs floors or elevators, offices, recently laid concrete or pavers…etc.

Rather than turning down the job, Duralift can help you find the right machine for almost any job situation.

What you need to do

1. Check the floor load capacity with the client or facility engineer.

2. Call Duralift on 1300 580 580 to get the best advice on the right machine for your project.


Scissor Lift Weight

Below is a brief guide of Vertical Lift and Scissor Lift weights of machines ideally suited to these types of floor surfaces.


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* The above information is approximate only. Please contact us on 1300 580 580 for further information.


Top 10 Light Weight Machines


5m Push Around Lift

Super lightweight at only 370kgs the 5m Push Around Lift is one of our latest additions to our fleet.

This machine requires the operator to manually push the machine into position and then use the electric raise or lower function to get you up to a 5m working height.

This machine is also extremely compact and can easily go through standard doorways.


Vertical Push Around Lift

The Vertical Push Around is only 393kg and requires it to be pushed into position. The feet expand to offer a stable base delivering you a 11m Working Height.

This machine is also extremely compact.


Mast Lift 1230es

The Mast Lift 1230es is only 790kg. It is often referred to as a Single Man Lift. This machine offers electric drive and has a maximum working height of 5.66m.


Star 6 Mast Lift

The Star 6 Mast Lift weighs 880kg. Fully electric, this machine can get you to a 5.8m working height and has a slide out deck offering small outreach.


Mast Lift GR20

One of our most popular machines, the GR20 is a one-man lift weighing just 1,112 to 1,150kg (depending on model). Fully electric, this machine has a 8.07m working height and is only 80cm wide.


19ft Electric Scissor Lift

The 19ft Electric Scissor Lift is the most popular scissor lift for indoor applications. It weighs from 1,420 to 1,580kg (depending on brand and model), and has full electric drive functionality with a 7.79m working height.

Ideal for standard indoor applications.


26ft Narrow Electric Scissor lift

Offering a working height of 9.75m, this machine weighs 1,890 to 2,200kg (depending on brand and model), and is only 76cm wide in comparison to a standard 26ft Electric Scissor Lift.

Ideal for standard indoor applications.


26ft Electric Scissor Lift

With a machine weight of 2,235 to 2,770kg (depending on brand and model), this machine can rise to a working height of 9.9m.

Ideal for standard indoor applications.


Star 10

The Star10 weighs 2,680 to 2,760kg (depending on model), and can lift to a 10m working height. This machine can also give you added outreach of 3m for reaching up and over obstacles.


32ft Electric Scissor Lift

If extra height is what you need, this machine can go to a working height of 11.68m and is only 2,495 to 2,940kg (depending on brand and model). Ideal for standard indoor applications.


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