• 10ft Push Around Lift

    5m Working height
    3m Platform height
    68cm wide
    370kg machine weight
    240kg lift capacity
    For use in confined spaces
    For indoor use
    For use on level ground

    10ft Push Around Lift ( S3010P / Push Pro 10)

    This 10ft Push Around scissor lift is the ultimate lightweight and compact mini scissor lift that is only 370kg in weight and easily passes through standard door...

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  • Mast Lift 1230es

    5.66m Working Height
    3.66m Platform Height
    76cm wide
    790kg machine weight
    For use in confined spaces

    This machine is often referred to as a Single Man Scissor Lift.


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  • Mast Lift GR20

    8.07m Working Height
    6.07m Platform Height
    80cm wide – one man lift
    1112kg machine weight
    159kg lift capacity
    For use in confined spaces

    View the Duralift Mast Lift GR20 video


    Mast Lift GR20

    These Mast Lift GR20 Vertical Lifts have a 8.07m working heigh...

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  • Star 6 Mast Lift

    5.8m Working Height
    3.8m Platform Height
    79cm wide
    835kg machine weight
    230kg lift capacity
    Slide out deck for small outreach!



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  • Star 10

    10m Working Height
    3m Horizontal Outreach
    8m Platform Height
    99cm wide
    2760kg machine weight
    200kg lift capacity
    For use in confined spaces
    For indoor use

    View the Star 10 Vertical Lift Video

    Star 10

    The Star 10 Vertical Lift has a working height of 10m and an outreach of 3m ma...

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  • Vertical Push Around Lift

    11m Working Height
    9m Platform Height
    74cm wide
    Light weight for sensitive floors – only weighs 393kg!
    159kg lift capacity
    For use in confined spaces


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A vertical lift is perfect for vertical elevation in a confined space and for this reason are safer alternatives to using ladders, particularly in indoor commercial applications. One person can easily set up a vertical lift and get to work within minutes. A vertical man lift is perfect for carrying heavy loads to significant heights or reaching overhead whilst still allowing mobility in tight spaces.

Vertical lifts, also known as man lifts or vertical mast lifts, operate on a vertical mast for access at vertical height. Some models also provide horizontal outreach capabilities to get up, over or around obstacles. These machine types are lightweight, which makes them ideal for indoor surfaces and sensitive floors, are fitted with non-marking tyres and are the perfect smaller alternative for scissor lifts and boom lifts. Thanks to their narrow width, vertical lifts are able to go through narrow doorways and passenger elevators. These electric-powered machines emit less noise and no nasty fumes (zero emissions) in confined spaces.

vertical lift rental at Duralift

Here at Duralift, we stock an extensive range of push around and drivable light and heavyweight vertical lifts from leading global manufacturers and are known for their ease of use and convenience. These models range from 5.8 metres to 11 metres with electric and manual operating options. Each lift is designed for different applications and loads. Their compact design makes them ideal for use in restricted spaces with low floor load rating, particularly in public buildings, offices, hotels and other indoor multi-level buildings. Many of these models have easy manoeuvrability and can fit through doorways and in most passenger elevators. These portable, compact machines allow ease of access without compromising on safety and stability.

Our comprehensive line up of man lifts includes:

Star 6 Mast Lift:

5.8m working height, only 79cm wide and drivable at full height. Also includes a slide out deck for small outreach!

Mast Lift 1230es:

5.66m working height, only 76cm wide and 230kg platform capacity.

Mast Lift GR20:

8.07m working height and the platform can extend and hold 159kg with power to platform. A zero inside turning radius and full elevation drive feature also contribute to this models’ increased productivity.

Star 10:

The Star 10 vertical lift has a working height of 10m and an outreach of 3m making it easy to reach up and over in tight spaces. It also has the ability to be driven at full height.

Vertical Push Around Lift:

11m working height, 74cm wide, extremely light weight for sensitive floors at only 393kg! This machine has power operated lift and it’s light weight allows manual movement into place.

Hire Vertical Lift with Trailer

We have a range of trailers available for hire with your vertical lift. The team at Duralift can advise you if the combined vertical lift and trailer weight load will suit your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Duralift is your leader in Melbourne access hire

Our range of EWP equipment is suited to almost all construction related industry applications. If you need scissor lift hire or other important tools and accessories, including container ramps, hire from Duralift for straight-forward booking and quality equipment. The team at Duralift are qualified to advise on the best option for your needs. Vertical lifts are an economical, extremely versatile solution to all your indoor project needs. For enquiries, quotes or bookings call us on 1300 580 580.