10m Bi-levelling Athena Scissor lift

10m Working Height
8m Platform Height
1.46 – 1.64m wide
Ideal for use on uneven ground and inclines


10m Bi-levelling Athena Scissor Lift (also known as the Athena tracked scissor lift)

The Athena bi-levelling scissor lift is the world’s most versatile and productive self-propelled scissor lift and the only tracked scissor lift in the world, giving you the ability to move on and work on almost any ground condition. Hire Athena scissor lifts with Duralift for a compact, innovative lift that can help you get the job done with maximum efficiency and safety. When you’re working on slopes or uneven terrain, this equipment can do the work that others can’t.

The 10m bi-levelling Athena scissor lift is one of the most versatile and productive types of equipment for elevated reach. The bi-levelling technology provides proactive and dynamic levelling, which automatically levels the Athena bi-levelling scissor lift to allow for reliable use on uneven ground, so operators can safely manoeuvre across all types of work sites. The term “bi-levelling” specifically refers to the independent self-levelling ability of the machine as the machine’s weight is distributed on both x and y-axis, always keeping the platform level while in the air. The technology within the scissor lift provides automatic levelling on slopes up to 20 degrees and the retracting ability of the machine’s tracks provides access in tight spaces.


This product is powered by a KUBOTA Z602 (12.5kW) diesel engine working with an aux. electric pump and 220V-1Kw power generator.

It has a maximum working height of 10 metres with a gradeability of 25 degrees. This machine has automatic levelling on 2 axis 14 degree lateral levelling and 15 degree (front) and 20 degree (back) longitudinal levelling. It can even be used on side slopes of 21 degrees.

As the machine levels, the tracks contract and extend. The automatic levelling system overcomes all the standard limitations of traditional 4×4 traction, providing the opportunity to work in hard to reach and confined spaces with a minimum track width of 1.46m.

With a basket capacity of 300 kg, it can hold two operators for a more productive worksite. The spacious 2-man basket gives you the elbow room to get the job done faster and more comfortably. The basket can also be extended to give you generous horizontal reach and extra room for tools and materials.

Other handy features include a power supply to the platform, so operators can easily use power tools without the requirement for an additional, local power source.

Hire innovative EWP equipment from Duralift

Duralift was the first access hire company in Australia to add Athena scissor lifts to it’s fleet back in August 2015, identifying and bringing the most innovative technology for our valued customers to hire on their projects. Duralift is your trusted supplier for Athena Bi-levelling scissor lift Melbourne hire.

Duralift provides quality equipment for hire for construction workers, electricians, sign writers, painters, facilities maintenance workers and other professionals that require reliable access hire. When you need equipment on site quickly, avoid any downtime by renting with Duralift. With boom liftsforklifts and other types of EWP equipment, we can advise on the best machinery for your job.

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Working height max 10 m
Platform height max 8 m
Width – tracks retracted / tracks extended 1.46 m / 1.64 m
Lift capacity 300 kg (2 operators)
Gradeability 25° (46.63%)
Side slope 21˚
Levelling longitud. +/- 15˚ front , +/- 20˚ rear
Levelling lateral +/-14˚
  • Ideal for working on slopes and inclines up to  +/- 15˚(front longitudinal levelling) and +/-20˚ (rear longitudinal levelling), +/- 14˚(lateral levelling)
  • Automatic levelling on both axis
  • Travel through rough terrain and uneven ground
  • 25° Gradeability (for moving across inclines)
  • Rough terrain tracks
  • Power supply to the platform
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Ideal for outdoor use
How To Operate The Athena 1090 Scissor Lift Video

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