Scissor lifts offer you access to otherwise inaccessible areas, boosting workplace productivity and efficiency. The Duralift range of scissor lifts is particularly useful for maintenance and construction work. Duralift scissor lifts are also commonly used to minimise risk when working at height, making them the perfect solution where workplace safety is critical. One person is capable of setting up and operating the scissor lift, so the site can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Scissor lifts are highly popular due to their ease of use, durability and ability to provide high performance and mobility. We have an unrivalled range of models for hire, helping you find the perfect tool for every job. We can offer Melbourne trades rental scissor lifts to suit all jobs, including all terrain lift models suitable for rough terrain and uneven ground. They are an ideal option for a multitude of construction and maintenance applications. Duralift has a range of electric scissor lift and all terrain scissor models available when you need to hire Scissorlifts for your project.


When you look to hire scissor lifts, electric models are the most popular. An electric scissor lift is the scissor lift of choice for all indoor applications. These slab scissor lifts work on flat ground surfaces and its’ electric drive deliver zero fuel emissions, making it perfect for indoor and confined spaces. Many models come with non-marking tyres for sensitive floors. At Duralift, we offer a variety of lifts including 19ft electric scissor lifts (our most popular scissor lift for rent), 26ft electric scissor lifts, 26ft narrow electric scissor lifts, 32ft electric scissor lifts and 40ft narrow electric scissor lifts. Scissor lift hire in Melbourne has never been easier! If you are looking to hire scissor lifts (electric) in Melbourne, call us and we will help you choose the best model for your project.


For outdoor and uneven terrain, Duralift has a wide range of all terrain scissor lifts.

A wide range of ‘RT’ class scissor lifts exists in rough terrain scissor lift rental. These machines feature heavy weight-lifting capabilities, rough terrain tyres, even weight distribution, ‘oscillating axles’ with high ground clearance… to name a few. These tough, heavy-duty scissor lifts can handle almost any demanding outdoor worksite, providing 4 wheel drive, diesel power (mostly), outriggers and self-levelling capabilities, giving you the capabilities that standard electric slab scissor lifts just can’t provide. Duralift can help you with all your rough terrain scissor lift hire in Melbourne. We can help match the best rough terrain scissor lift in Melbourne for any project application. Rough terrain scissor lift rental in Melbourne has never been easier!8m bi-levelling Athena scissor lifts, 10m bi-levelling Athena scissor lifts, 26ft diesel scissor lifts, 32ft diesel scissor lifts and 53ft diesel scissor lifts are just some of the Duralift machines available in rough terrain scissor lift rental, Melbourne.

If you are looking to hire scissor lifts (diesel) in Melbourne, Duralift is your partner in all terrain scissor lift hire.


Duralift stocks a wide variety of models and brands including JLG scissor lift, JLG 1930es, Genie Scissor Lift and Athena scissor lift to name a few. Brands such as JLG lift and Genie lift as well as equipment such as our most popular 19ft scissor lift are constantly replenished with new stock. So that Duralift always has your scissor lift needs covered


It is challenging to find reasonable scissor lift hire cost in Melbourne as scissor lift hire rates vary depending on the hire company you choose to hire from.

Scissor lift hire rates in Melbourne vary depending on the type of equipment you need. All access hire equipment at Duralift is of the highest quality, and the majority are less than 5 years old to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. We guarantee competitive rates and a fast turnaround time, so make Duralift your first point-of-contact when you are looking to hire scissor lifts in Melbourne. For all other jobs, we supply vertical man liftsduct lifts and other equipment for use on construction sites.

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If you need a scissor lift for hire, Duralift can help you with choosing the right scissor lift for hire.

For bookings and enquiries about our rental services call us on 1300 580 580 where one of our experts will happily answer any queries in regard to our access hire machines. Find out more about scissor lift hire cost with a free same-day quote. Just let us know how long you require equipment for, and which job you need to get done, and we can pass on our recommendations. Increase workplace productivity and performance with Duralift. Call Duralift when you need to rent scissor lifts.

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