2.5 Tonne Buggy Manitou Forklift

Lift Capacity: 2500kg
Lift Height: 3.7m
Fuel Type: Diesel
Mast Type: 3 Stage
Additional Info: Side Shift

Watch the Duralift 2.5 tonne Buggy Manitou Forklift video here

2.5 Tonne Buggy Manitou Forklift

Buggy Forklifts (also known as Manitou Forklifts, Rough Terrain Forklifts or All Terrain Forklifts) are basically a diesel forklift that is four wheel drive with rough terrain tyres. This means that you have all the weight lifting capabilities of a standard forklift but with the ability to work off-road on uneven or muddy ground. This Buggy Forklift has a lift capacity of 2,500kg and 3.7m lift height.

Suitable for:

supporting heavy structural items while you perform tasks, such as assembling, at an elevated level with an EWP. Can use on rough terrain.

1300 580 580
Overall Length 2.945 m
Overall Width 1.45 m
Overall Height 1.990 m
Tyne Length 1.1 m
Lift capacity 2500 kg
Lifting height 3.7 m

Model Available: MANITOU MH25

NOTE: Manitou Forklift , Buggy Forklift or Buggie Forklift are often referred to the same off-road All-Terrain or Rough Terrain Forklift

  • Ideal for outdoor rough terrain
  • Large 2.5 tonne lift capacity
  • Solid non-marking rough terrain tyres
  • Side shift capabilities
  • Diesel powered


A Forklift uses a pair of fork arms on an elevating carriage to lift loads along it’s mast.

Specifications: 2.5 Tonne Buggy Manitou Forklift
2.5 Tonne Buggy Manitou Forklift Video

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