Forklifts are extremely easy to use, making them the ideal choice for lifting, moving, loading and unloading heavy materials and equipment. Duralift’s range of forklifts for hire includes a comprehensive range of makes and models for your convenience, whether in indoor and outdoor jobs and applications and even for rough terrain use. They are equipped with a variety of load capabilities and lift heights dependent upon the best application for your job.

Gas forklift hire

Duralift has a wide range of forklifts available for hire at 2.5 tonne or 3 tonne lift capacity and lift heights ranging from 4.3 to 6m. LPG gas bottles included.

Rough Terrain forklift hire

Rough terrain forklifts or all terrain forklifts (also known as Buggy forklifts or Buggie forklifts) are a diesel forklift that is four wheel drive with rough terrain tyres. This enables you to not only have all the weight-lifting capabilities of a standard forklift but also work on uneven or muddy ground. These machines can easily handle heavy loads on all terrain types, have greater manoeuvrability and keep the machine moving in the roughest of applications. The Buggy forklift has a lift capacity of 2,500kg and 3.7m lift height in the roughest of applications.


Counterbalance forklifts are a popular choice due to their functionality, manoeuvrability and ease of use. Their durable and sturdy design make them ideally suited for warehouse applications.


When you hire your forklift from Duralift you also have the option of hiring a range of accessories such as container ramps and tyne extensions to help get the job done more effectively.

Tyne extensions can easily be fitted over the standard tynes on a forklift truck for additional stabilisation and longer tynes. Hire container ramps for simple bridging from the ground into standard containers. When you hire a Gas Forklift from Duralift, you can also hire extra LPG bottles for long term use. If a forklift is too big for the area why not check out our pallet jacks? When you need to quickly and conveniently transport goods, our pallet jacks can carry up to 2500KG with ease.

Duralift supporting all your forklift hire Melbourne needs

When looking for Melbourne forklift hire, Duralift can support all your forklift hire and accessory needs. Our team will work closely with you to help find the right equipment for your next project. We can provide a wide range of flexible options for all lift and forklifts and can tailor the hire to suit your project, budget and deadline. No matter how big or small the job Duralift can support your Forklift hire needs.

Duralift can offer affordable and flexible hire terms for all your forklift hire needs. Hire periods begin from just one day up to 6 months or more so that you can get your project underway without sacrificing a large capital outlay. We provide a fix or swap guarantee in the unlikely event of a breakdown on all our machines and cover all scheduled servicing. When you need Forklifts, hire them from Duralift along with all your access equipment, telehandlers and accessories. We guarantee fast turnaround with minimal downtime, so your team can be safer and more efficient than before.

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