Accessories & Attachments

  • Scissor Lift Trailer

    Scissor Lift Trailer. Easy-tow option for pick-up of smaller units.

    Vehicle requirements: 2.5t (2,500kg) towing capacity.



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  • Duct lift Plate Attachment


    These are our very own manufactured attachments to sit over the duct lift prongs in order to act as a lifting plate.

    Great for lifting battery lots, aircon units and other small yet heavy items that are too narrow or unstable on the prongs.

    More reliable that t-bar and other material hoists that re...

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  • Tyne Extensions

    Fork Slipper Tyne Extensions are devices that fit over a standard pair of fork tynes on a forklift truck, for the sole purpose of temporarily lengthening the fork tynes, for load stabilization only.

    When using Fork Slipper Tyne Extensions ensure that they are used only for load stabilizing purposes only (and not used for carrying the load...

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  • 2.5 tonne Forklift Jib

    The Rigid Jib allows for additional lifting height with the extension beam raised above the fork pockets.

    Lengths available:

    2 metre reach when fully extended
    3.5 metre reach when fully extended


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  • Fork Rotator

    Lift Capacity: 2200kg (2.2 tonnes)
    Rotation: 360° in both directions

    Fork Rotator attachments (rotators) can be fitted to a standard forklift mast in place of  standard tynes. Hydraulically controlled, Forklift rotators can continuously rotate 360° in both directions.


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  • Container Ramp

    Container Ramp is designed for bridging into standard containers from ground level. The self-levelling lip allows for full load capacity when on slightly uneven ground. The ramp footing folds up to allow access to the fork slippers for transport. Hand grip loops are provided for this purpose.

    Size: 2200mm x 2000mm
    Safe Working Load:...

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  • Traffic Bollard

    Traffic Bollard with 8kg base


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  • Ladder

    10ft/3m A Frame Ladder

    Industrial Fibreglass

    3.0m height

    Weight 20.3 Kg

    180 Kg load rating


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