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Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work

It has never been more important now than ever to stay connected with family, friends and most importantly with your team at work.

Duralift has tried out a range of different Apps to stay connected among our own team as well as with external stakeholders. Here are our top 10 picks…


Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work


zoom - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work


Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting is one of the most popular free Apps for face-to-face online chats, consultations, and meetings. We at Duralift found that this is a great App to use, especially when needing to connect to others who are not already registered with this App. Great for online meetings and integrates well with Microsoft Calendar and other Calendar scheduling.


Microsoft Teams - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work

Microsoft Teams

If you have a Microsoft subscription like 365 then the Microsoft Teams app is for you. You can set up separate groups for your teams to have video calls or chat. The space also functions well to send Microsoft files such as word or excel when chatting and sharing screens. The Calendar is also integrated with your Outlook calendar which keeps you more organised with your meetings.


WhatsApp - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work


WhatsApp has had it’s own share of controversy over the years regarding encryption. However, WhatsApp’s popularity has always been due to it’s ease of use as a phone App. It is particularly useful for Group Chat and Call (Voice/Video) functions. One of the easier Apps when you are on the go! We have found that a desktop version can also be installed so that you don’t have to keep looking at your phone when you’re on your computer.


Slack - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work


Slack is another chat App from Microsoft. You can create Channels on various groups or chat directly to individuals. A special feature is it’s ability to integrate with other Apps so that you can share live feeds with your team from other Apps and software.


GoogleMeet - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work

Google Meet

Google Meet is the new business version of Google Hangouts with the ability to video call up to 30 users, which is great for those company meetings. Google Meet integrates well with Google’s G Suite including Gmail and Google Calendar.


GoogleChat - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work

Google Chat

Google Chat is a good business collaboration platform to discuss and streamline tasks and use the G Suite to share files and collaborate.


Google Drive - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work

Google Drive

For file storage and synchronization Google Drive is a great free file storage tool. Shared workspaces can be created and files can be shared with collaborators or with others who don’t have an account that can access a link to download. We find Google Drive a good alternative to Dropbox and does send constant reminders to upgrade to a paid version like Dropbox does.


Skype - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work


Skype has now been around for a very long time. In addition to the video/voice call and chat functions, if your business has a high number of outbound calls Skype’s paid VoIP features can also come in handy.

FB Messenger - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger may not seem the most obvious choice for business but the ability to create groups, have short casual conversations and share photos is a very handy tool to utilise. Like WhatsApp, Messenger also allows phone and video calls. We also like their fun Gifs and Stickers.

Basecamp - Our top 10 Apps to stay connected at work



So Basecamp is not exactly free, but it is free if a paid user adds you to it. Basecamp is a great collaboration tool for projects. You can create a to-do list, schedule timeframes, allocate people to certain tasks, share files and tick off completed tasks. This is a great tool to have if you have a large team that you need to delegate tasks to and get regular updates on projects rather than scrolling through the hundreds of emails in your email inbox.


So that’s our Top 10 Apps to stay connected at work. Are there any Apps that you find handy and are ideal for collaboration? Let us know in the comments below…




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