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Micro Scissor Lift

Duralift has just added a fleet of Micro Scissor Lifts by Genie to it’s range. While the standard 19ft scissor lift still remains a winner among many of our customers, the Genie GS-1932m model has E-Drive functionality as well as other distinct advantages in the 19ft scissor lift class that is worth highlighting.

Micro Scissor Lift Key Features

Compact Footprint

A “micro” version compared to the standard 19ft scissor lift range, these micro scissors have a compact foot print of just 1.4m length x 0.81m wide.

This ensures it only needs a smaller working area and can also get through tighter spaces such as doorways and elevators.


Being smaller means it weighs less and can be used on sensitive floor areas. The GS-1932m model has a weight of 1,313kg, yet can still accommodate a lifting capacity of 227kg. Whereas standard 19ft scissor lifts have an average machine weight of approximately 1,590kg depending on the specific model.


The E-Drive of the GS-1932m offers dual front wheel AC electric drive motors with added front wheel electric brakes, offering longer battery power and efficiency than standard hydraulic options.

NOTE: The Genie GS-1932m model has a slightly lower platform height at 5.55m (indoor surfaces) in comparison to a standard 19ft scissor lift which ranges between 5.72 to 5.80m. We recommend that you check the required lift height and order a slightly higher lift than what you require.

As always Duralift is here to assist you in your access hire needs. Just give us a call on 1300 580 580 and our friendly team will recommend the best machine for the job.

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