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Top 4 Machines for Mezzanine Floor Installation

Building multi-tier floor space options is a strong contender for added storage or working space. A mezzanine floor acts as a deck between the existing flooring and roof, making it easier to work with on a routine basis. Additionally, as a Mezzanine can be built after the construction phase of the building, it can be a great option to add on when needed.

Unlike our previous Blog article “5 Most Popular Machines for Installing Industrial Shelving, Storage & Pallet Racking”, the installation of a mezzanine floor requires more specific machinery to not just support vertical access but also heavy and larger item lifting and shifting.

Top 4 Machines for Mezzanine Floor Installation

1. Forklifts

A standard Gas Forklift is a must have machine for most storage installation, and mezzanine floor installation is no exception, helping lift heavy items and structures for installation.

Duralift has multiple different models on Gas Forklifts available with varying heights and lift capacity.

2. Telehandlers

Telehandlers can give that added flexibility when installing heavy structures as the reach it provides offers further flexibility in moving heavy structures into place.

Duralift has 2.5t and 3t Telehandlers available.

3. Bi-Energy Scissor Lift (26ft)

The large 680kg lift capacity and large deck of this machine is ideal for mezzanine floor Installation. A bi-energy scissor lift operates similar to an electric-type machine, making it suitable for indoor areas where low fuel emissions are required. The Fuel option of this machine charges the battery for further work where there is no connection to power.

4. Wide Deck Scissor Lifts (26ft, 32ft and 40ft)

Electric powered wide deck scissor lifts have wider deck areas, rough terrain tyres and outriggers to help hold larger items and heavier loads.

Wide Deck Scissor Lifts make a great hire asset for Mezzanine Floor Installation. Call Duralift for various height options.

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