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JLG Lifts, 50 years of Access!

John L. Grove was travelling with his wife across the US and stopped at the Hoover Dam to admire it’s human ingenuity and instead he unexpectedly witnessed human tragedy. Construction workers lost their lives that day, out of a total of 112 fatalities which occurred during the construction of the iconic Dam.

Inspired by his quest to create a safer way to work at height, John imagined and built a machine that laid the foundation for the modern access industry. That machine inspired generations of JLG equipment and brought John’s pursuit of safer job sites to life.

In 1969,  John L. Grove established JLG Industries Inc and invented, launched and sold the 1st ever aerial work platform. The 1st JLG scissor lift was born in 1976.

In line with it’s global expansion, JLG later opened it’s support operations in Australia in 1983, which has since become a norm for many businesses needing the ability to work at height.

As a leader in the world of access, JLG has advanced it’s technologies while keeping safety and productivity at the heart of their organisational ethos, bringing 50 years of access equipment to the world.

Duralift has invested in a wide range of JLG branded access machinery over it’s own 10 year history, making elevated work platforms (EWPs) more accessible through hire.

The Electric JLG Scissor Lift models have been some of Duralift’s most popular machines. They have proven to be a reliable workhorse among many Australian hire customers in indoor or slab surfaces.

Duralift’s JLG Boom Lift varieties have many advanced features, and their ease of drive is loved by many.

Duralift is committed to it’s partnership with JLG and to bringing all our customers better and safer ways to work at height for many years to come.

If you are unsure about what machine you may need, don’t worry, the friendly team at Duralift will help you choose the best machine for your next job.

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