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Introducing the first Jibbi 1250 Knuckle Boom Lift for hire in Australia

~ Written by Martin Eade
Almac Pacific (Australian branch of Almac)

The Jibbi 1250 is set to be the next big thing in access following on from Italian Manufacturer Almac’s previous success with the Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift. With the Jibbi 1250 Boom Lift, the boundaries of innovation have now been pushed even further. The design team at Almac have created a boom like no other, combining both functionality with innovation, resulting in a truly unique machine that is set to transform the industry by making it even easier to reach those hard to reach, high reach projects. It is no wonder that the Jibbi 1250 won the Product of the Year in the Self Propelled Booms & Atrium Lifts category at IAPA 2019 (International Awards for Powered Access 2019).

Australia’s first Jibbi 1250 Knuckle Boom Lift for hire allows flexibility like no other.  With it’s unique track system, gradeability and levelling capabilities this versatile machine can go almost anywhere that regular booms can’t.

The Jibbi 1250 is a tracked boom lift that can operate on slopes of up to 15 degrees and can drive while raised (and travel across slopes of 25 degrees), automatically levelling the machine as the angles change, keeping the machine stable and the operator safe.

The Jibbi's Automatic, Dynamic and Pro-active Levelling

At under 3000kg, the Jibbi 1250 with a 12.2 metre working height is the lightest boom on the market in its category and being on tracks can transport through the most challenging terrain to get the job done every time. With a maximum horizontal outreach of 7.0 metres it is a perfect solution for building and construction, infrastructure projects, shed building, signwriting or as an alternative for scaffolding on a number of sites.

The Jibbi's Height & Reach

The fact that the Jibbi 1250 does not have stabiliser legs and can drive while raised gives it a huge advantage over conventional spider lifts and even other types of boom lifts, that can be slow and problematic.

The Jibbi 1250 by contrast is easy to use and fast! The Jibbi 1250 also boasts an ultrasonic anti-collision alarm to keep operators safe while at height. This means an acoustic alarm will sound as you vertically move closer to an obstacle, above or below the platform basket.

Ultrasonic Anti-Collision System
Powered by a Yanmar diesel engine the compact Jibbi 1250 (1150mm wide, 1980mm high and only 1820mm long with basket removed and tracks contracted) can access most space restricted access sites.

Check out the Jibbi 1250 Boom Lift in action!

Now on Australian shores! Duralift is the 1st access hire company in Australia to bring our business customers the Jibbi 1250 Boom Lift for hire!

For more information on the Jibbi 1250 contact Duralift on 1300 580 580

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