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Endura Light is an industrial lighting specialist providing a range of lighting solutions to factories, warehouses, pallet racking aisles, cool rooms, food processing, mezzanine shelving, outdoor lighting, offices and new constructions. A huge portion of Endura Light’s projects require access equipment for installation.

One frequent project of this type is installing specialist pallet racking aisle lights in either new buildings or upgrading existing lights.  These lights have a special beam designed for long, narrow and high spaces.  Not only are they more efficient than traditional lighting, but they deliver better lighting and are 30% more efficient than standard round beam LEDs.

Endura Light’s Ultra II Warehouse Aisle Light range is a series of fixtures dedicated to efficiently light the challenging space between pallet shelving. Ultra II Warehouse Aisle Light range has huge lifetime ratings, is highly efficient and is an ideal solution for any pallet racking.

Warehouse Lighting Installation

Installing Pallet Rack Lighting using access equipment from Duralift

Installation of this type of lighting often requires access equipment to reach anything from 6 to 20m ceilings.

Endura Light says that in their experience a steadier platform makes for more efficient installation and a more comfortable working day.

“We used to let our contractors sort out their own access equipment but since we discovered Duralift, we are often making the booking with Duralift ourselves or, at the very least, recommending them to our contractors.  Using Duralift ensures we get quality equipment with great service at a good price, helping us all win more jobs and getting them done efficiently.”

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