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How Much Notice Do I Need to Give Before Hiring a Machine? – Duralift

For those of us that are in it, we all know what the construction industry is like by now right? Crazy. Plan one minute, change the next. So if you feel like you are running on a tight timeline, take a deep breath. Duralift can work with that. So how much notice do you really need before hiring an EWP machine?

In an ideal situation jobs are planned months or even weeks in advance, which gives us time to organise a site assessment and analyse the required equipment for the job. Sometimes, however, situations aren’t ideal (we live in the real world) and they spontaneously pop up- causing much angst for some customers.

At Duralift, we are here to take this stress away from you by providing a service to combat and overcome these unexpected jobs. From our office staff right through to our hardworking drivers and service mechanics, we will do everything we can to deliver rushed orders ASAP.

How is this possible?

Essentially, our fleet is forever growing to meet the rise in demand for access equipment in Victoria and even Australia wide; since this time last year we welcome an additional 50 units in our fleet, so you can be assured the equipment will always be available when you need it. We also have a reliable transport network which covers all bases within a couple of hours to ensure these last minute deliveries can be made.

If you can help it, however, we suggest that machines are ordered 24 hours in advance, so we can plan deliveries in a controlled manner and still go home and sleep at night.

For more information, or if you would like to experience our prompt and exceptional customer service, contact us on 1300 580 580 or drop us an email at admin@

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