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As the residential property market begins to slow, your Plumbing business needs to use it’s agility to full advantage, so that you are able to compete on a larger variety of projects and open your business to new customers.

Residential property is the largest market for the Plumbing Industry, while the remaining market is derived from the non-residential building, engineering and manufacturing markets. Plumbing services also takes up a large portion of maintenance work in Facilities Management Companies. The past 5 years have been challenging for the Plumbing Industry. Larger Plumbing businesses have managed to acquire installation contracts in commercial building projects while others have had to compete heavily on smaller construction projects. Revenue in the Plumbing services Industry in Australia is $14.0bn. (Kelly, Plumbing Services in Australia, 2017) The Plumbing services landscape is a mature industry which is heavily competitive and price sensitive.

One way to grow your Plumbing business is to increase your usage and effectiveness of working at height.

The use of Elevated Work Platforms can help Plumbing businesses to work at a rapid speed, particularly when undertaking repetitive work at height on a commercial scale, improving their ability to compete with others and setting a point of difference with smaller players. There are a few considerations to make when deciding on what equipment is needed. A multitude of machines are currently available on the market. While all machines will help you work at height, many models have varying heights and serve different functions. Duralift cares about your business. When you do business with Duralift you become part of our family. We put your business first, ensuring that you get the best possible service so that you can focus on the important tasks of running your business. Our friendly team are available to discuss how to maximise your business growth with Elevated Work Platforms. Call us now for an obligation free consultation on 1300 580 580 or request a Duralift quote here.


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