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Genie XC – Extra Capacity Booms to Duralift

If you have ever wished to carry an extra person in the basket or take some heavy equipment to work at an up and over high reach working situation, then this is what you’ve been waiting for!
genie xc Duralift
A Duralift Genie XC in action

Extra Capacity Booms

Duralift is excited to announce the addition of Extra Capacity Booms to our fleet.

While these new booms will be added to our standard 65ft and 45ft Straight and Knuckle Boom range, of note is the extra lift capacity and the 7-degree operability.

The new extra lift capacity booms at Duralift can lift 454kg (restricted) and 300kg (unrestricted), this will be dependant on the movement envelope of the machine. This is in comparison to the standard 230kg lift capacity machines that have been available up to now. Furthermore, a 7-degree operability in these new machines will be an added benefit on varied ground conditions, providing added flexibility at your jobsite. Other key features include non-marking tyres, anti-crush (Lift Guard), fire extinguisher, battery isolator, power to platform, basket mesh as well as telematics/GPS.

All equip will be spec’d with the usual:

  • Non-marking tyres
  • Lift-Guard (Anti-crush)
  • White noise beeper
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Battery isolator
  • Generator (now larger than the JLG genny)
  • Basket mesh
  • Telematics/GPS

Check out the manufacturer videos on key features.

Z45 XC

S45 XC

S60-85 XC

New Lift Power Generator

Lift Connect Telematics

Telematics Take Action

Lift Guard Contact Alarm

Call Duralift on 1300 580 580 for more info or to make a booking.

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