Forklifts can make lifting and moving heavy materials a breeze, however getting the right Forklift attachments for the items you are moving can make life so much easier!


The standard attachment which comes standard with Forklifts are Tynes, which are suited to the specific forklift carriage they are attached to. These standard Tynes are ideal for lifting and moving pallets and loads or stabilising large or awkward loads at height until the load is secured.

When choosing an attachment, check with the Hire company of the forklift if it can be used safely for the task you have in mind. The Forklift attachment must be designed and created by the component manufacturer with appropriate safety engineering in mind.

Using the right Forklift attachment can make your task safer and more efficient. There are a variety of task specific slip attachments for industrial use Forklifts. Check out the most common Forklift Attachments below.




1. Tyne Extensions (Fork Slippers)

Tyne Extensions are attachments that slip over the standard pair of Tynes on a Forklift. They are commonly referred to as Fork Slippers. These Tyne Extensions temporarily increase the length of standard Forklift Tynes so that more stability is acquired to balance specific loads. Tyne extensions are used for stabilisation purposes only and not to lift loads heavier than what the machine can lift.

Ideal for lifting and moving standard loads or securely lifting large or awkward loads, which helps prevent tipping or dropping.


2. Jib

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Forklift jibs provide a hook attachment at it’s end to easily slip onto a load. The Forklift operates like a mini crane with a swing-type action to lift and swing the load into place. As the Jib’s extension pockets are raised above the fork pocket it provides a little extra lifting height.

Ideal for lifting and moving heavy hooked loads. Can be used with appropriate chains or slings to secure and lift loads.


3. Rotator

Forklift Rotators are designed to lift and tilt loads. The Fork Rotator attaches to a standard forklift mast. The 360° continuous rotation in both directions make it very effective at tipping loads.

Ideal for construction sites where building materials and soil can be easily tipped over. Rotators are also commonly used to tip smaller waste bins into larger site bins.


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