Fit for Fitout! Top 5 Machines for Fitout

The expectation of the Fitout industry has changed significantly over the last year.

After months of working from home, metro businesses are enticing staff back to beautiful office spaces, retail stores are driving customers back to visit them in refurbished stores and restaurants are providing social distancing as well as better ambience.

Providing an ‘experience’ is the name of the game. Covid has certainly steered us towards intimate spaces as businesses strive to achieve better Form & Functionality.

As an access hire supplier, Duralift is noticing a greater demand for access equipment particularly suited to confined spaces in the Fitout industry. Some of the most sought after machines are listed below…


Top 5 Machines for Interior Fitout


Common features include, Electric powered, small and compact and non-marking tyres



3m Platform height

Light weight and compact small scissor-type lift, this 10ft Push Around Lift easily passes through standard doorways as it is just 68cm wide. At a 370kg machine weight and with non-marking casters it is great for working on sensitive floors.


2. Mast Lift 1230es

3.66m Platform Height

This Single Man Scissor Lift is just 76cm wide with a machine weight of only 790kg. It is ideal for use in compact spaces and light weight for sensitive floors.


3. Star 6 Mast Lift

3.8m Platform Height

The 79cm narrow width of the Star 6 allows access through standard doorways, yet the slide out deck offers the flexibility of a small outreach if required. It can be driven at full height and the power outlet in work basket is an nice bonus when working.


4. GR20 Mast Lift

6.07m Platform Height

This 80cm wide one-man lift is ideal for compact spaces with the ability to extend the platform. The GR20 can fit through doorways and most passenger elevators. Power to platform and drivability at full height provides greater flexibility.


5. 19ft Electric Scissor Lift

5.79m Platform Height

One of the most popular machines in access, the 19ft Electric Scissor Lift also has a compact width. This scissor lift has an extendable deck along with other brand/model specific attributes that make it ideal for Fitout.


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