Duralift Supplier Award – outstanding service in Delivery

As a customer, when you place an order for access equipment hire, you would expect that your machinery arrives onsite and on time, so that you can commence your project.

However, behind the scenes, the process of hiring access equipment at Duralift involves many different elements coming together, resulting in great on-time delivery and customer service. This means that delivery is an important part of the overall service offered by Duralift to offer a seamless process to it’s customers.

As a small business Duralift uses a combination of it’s own drivers, as well as a range of delivery companies experienced in the field of access equipment transportation.

Having great delivery companies’ partner with us, ensures our customers in various locations receive their ordered machines delivered in a safe and timely manner that would not only reflect Duralift and it’s service but also deliver a hassle-free hire process to our customers.

Oz Wide Transport & Towing has been operating for over 10 years. Duralift has partnered with Oz Wide Transport & Towing to ensure on time and safe delivery of it’s machines over many years.

Within this time Ron has been delivering Duralift’s machines and keeping our customers happy with his larrikin personality and exceptional customer service. So who is Ron? Ron is a family man. A father to Oliver (10 years old) and Cara (7 years old). Apart from spending the weekends involved with his kid’s sporting activities, in his spare time Ron enjoys serving the community in the Emerald SES, as he has done for over 15 years.

We are delighted to announce that Ron from Oz Wide Transport & Towing has been selected as the recipient of the biannual Duralift Supplier Award.

Congratulations Ron! We thank you for your exceptional service and we hope you enjoy your BBQ!


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