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carbon neutral scissor lift

Zero Emission Hire Equipment

The concept of passive and zero carbon buildings have been around for many decades. Apart from lower energy bills a typical zero carbon building could reduce carbon emissions produced by the building by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by five to …

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Stepping towards a Covid Normal

There have been many changes in the construction industry with ‘Roadmaps’, ‘Stages’, ‘Steps’ and variable deadlines. This has only compounded the confusion among everyone in the construction and related industries. The restrictions that our industry will be working within over …

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How to deal with uncertainty

Covid-19 has thrown many challenges our way. From the gloomy news on TV, to living in social isolation and lockdowns, to the financial challenges this pandemic has brought upon us, there are many challenges that we have faced and may …

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Update 5 August 2020   Earlier this week the Victorian Government implemented Stage 4 Restrictions to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and save lives.   We are open Duralift is here to support your business throughout this upcoming …

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Update from Duralift – [Covid-19 Coronavirus]

Update 27 March 2020   Currently we are all facing some challenging times within Australia with the Coronavirus. Duralift’s mission has always been to work in partnership with the construction industry (and other downstream industries including essential services) to provide …

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Industrial Manslaughter Laws

New Industrial Manslaughter Laws in Victoria

Tough new government legislation was introduced last month to combat fatalities in the workplace, after 20 workplace fatalities occurred in Victoria this year alone. Under the new Industrial Manslaughter Laws employers could face up to 20 years imprisonment and $16.5 …

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Duralift Access Hire

10 years of reaching higher expectations

Reflecting on our 10 year anniversary at Duralift, we are delighted that we have been able to achieve 10 years of business success, weather the storms and still remain true to who we are in providing the right access solutions to …

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Masters By The Numbers

Masters Home Improvement was an Australian home improvement chain operated by retailer Woolworths Limited. This line of chain stores challenged the market leader,  Bunnings Warehouse, head on! This sparked a rivalry that parent company Woolworths Limited could not financially sustain, …

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ladder fail

Overlooking Safety when Working at Height

Will overlooking your safety while working at height cost you a life? Every time a construction worker is on a job site they will face health and safety risks. Most of the time safety rules and regulations are followed and respected, …

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reaching higher

Reaching Higher Expectations

Reaching Higher Expectations – What does it mean and why should I care? High expectations is something most of us would associate with school. The discipline of achieving scores and completing a curriculum (the expectations) often set by our school, …

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scissor lift hire

Don't Operate a Scissor Lift Whilst Drunk

You may or may not have come across the all too infamous video of Steve operating a scissor lift whilst drunk, either way, although it is hilariously entertaining there is a lesson to learn. The lesson is simple, and the …

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Construction Technology

How Technology is Changing Construction

Technology is helping to improve a number of different industries, and the construction industry is no exception. When equipped with the right technology, construction companies across the globe are able to work safely and more efficiently. Is this innovation going …

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Scissor lift boom lift hire

Importance of Quality Site Assessments

To ensure a successful completion of your construction project, you need to make the right decisions from the start. Duralift’s EWP site assessment offers you accurate evaluations of site-specific issues to help you optimize the correct equipment for your site and ensure …

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Duralift Knuckle Boom Lift

Duralift In Action

You may remember we held an Easter Photo Competition Challenge recently? Well, check out this video to see the winning shot and be inspired by watching Duralift in Action…. Thanks to all those that submitted photos, it was also an inspiration …

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Should Scissor Lifts Have Been Banned?

For those of you who missed it, Scissor lifts are no longer operational on the Adelaide Hospital job site. Period. Here’s a rundown on the facts…. Steven Wyatt, 63, was killed on Saturday at 3.05pm after his body became trapped …

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Man airlifted after ladder fall

Falls from ladders can have devastating consequences. According to SafeWork SA, ladders should only be used if there is no other reasonably practicable alternative, such as scaffolding or an elevating work platform. A man has been airlifted to Royal North …

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Safety warning: Worker falls fatally in Geelong

A worker has fallen fatally while removing a down-pipe from a house at Hamlyn Heights in Geelong on Thursday. The 42-year-old man was working from a ladder when the incident happened. He died at the scene. This incident is the sixth …

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National Safe Work Month

Why workplace health and safety is important

Did you know the highest injury fatalities in the construction industry come from falling at heights? Good work design not only improves the physical and metal health and safety of workers, but also increases their satisfaction and productivity. National Safe Work …

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Construction Work Accidents – Are you at risk?

Whilst the Australian construction industry continues to see continual growth, with the number of workers in the industry growing by 33% over the last 11 years, it still remains a high-risk industry to be in. ARE YOU AT RISK OF A WORK ACCIDENT?

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Athena scissor lift

Introducing the Athena to Duralift's fleet

Duralift is introducing the first of it’s kind in Australia to our fleet – the all new Athena 850 bi-levelling scissor lift, capable of reaching a working height of 8 meters. It’s compact dimensions, reduced weight, easy handling and efficiency even at …

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Duralift celebrates new equipment purchases

The chilling cold and soaking rain held off for the event held at Duralift on the 14th July in which Duralift celebrates their new equipment purchases. We had the privilege of hosting MP for Casey, Mr Tony Smith, and MP for Deakin, Mr Michael …

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Boom lift hire

Are you complying with Australian Standards?

Are you using a machine or thinking of purchasing a machine out of compliance? Here is some tips and advice to make sure you are complying with Australian Standards. ROUTINE INSPECTION (90 DAY) Routine inspection and maintenance shall be based …

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