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CAT Forklift counterbalance forklift

CAT Forklift

CAT Forklift CAT Forklift can trace it’s history back nearly 100 years. After one of the first tractors was observed to have a crawling-like action the Caterpillar brand was formed. Caterpillar Inc. is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of construction …

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What is a Manitou?

Over the years many of our customers have phoned us at Duralift asking for a Manitou. This is a common request we get for machinery hire, however very often most people are not aware of what type of machine they …

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5 Tips for Your Safety on a Forklift

Forklifts are wonderful inventions. They have the ability to streamline all material handling processes, they can help your business move and store heavy items with safety and ease, and they can be used in many different applications. In fact, forklifts have an immense value …

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