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CAT Forklift

CAT Forklift

CAT Forklift can trace it’s history back nearly 100 years. After one of the first tractors was observed to have a crawling-like action the Caterpillar brand was formed. Caterpillar Inc. is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment and the CAT® brand encompasses an extensive range of products including forklifts.

CAT Lift Trucks or CAT Forklifts as they are more commonly known by the public, has developed a reputation as one of the most trusted global brands known for their quality and reliability on the job. So, no wonder Duralift has acquired a range of CAT Forklifts to our fleet!

Duralift only brings the most trusted brands to our customers.

Duralift is committed to bringing reliability through offering the best equipment to our customers. CAT Forklifts are an important addition of durable, well designed forklifts and most of all they are a reliable workhorse in the industry.

What is great about CAT Forklifts?

Powerful and environmentally friendly, CAT Forklifts have computer regulated fuel injected engines providing optimal horsepower and meeting and exceeding EPA requirements. They are also optimised for performance including having heavy-duty masts.

Smart design improvements ensure operator efficiency and comfort including added operator protection, quiet and smooth transmission, full-suspension seat & tilt steering as well as integrated digital monitors.


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