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Can a scissor lift be used on an incline?

While using a scissor lift is one of the safest and most efficient methods of working at height, using a typical electric scissor lift on an incline can be a dangerous task.

So what types of scissor lifts can you use on an incline?

Electric Scissor Lifts are ideally suited to firm, level surfaces, typically within about two degrees of level depending on the model. The scissor can only function under such conditions, making the machine inoperable on inclines. All such machines have an electronic level sensor which only allow the platform to elevate once the machine is level within the specified parameters.

On the other hand, rough terrain or tracked scissor lifts can drive freely on rough and undulating terrain with 4WD functionality for greater manoeuvrability. These machines still require a stable surface to support the outriggers or tracks for elevation but can operate on inclines of up to 20 degrees depending on the model. Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts with Outriggers and Stabilisers and Rough Terrain Bi-Levelling Scissor Lifts on Tracks are two machine types that are designed to be used in such conditions, giving you the ability to work at height in the safest manner.


Scissor Lifts with Stabilisers / Outriggers

scissor lift with outriggers at Duralift

Machines fitted with stabilisers or outriggers, when deployed secure the machine on inclines, levelling the base before the platform commences elevation.

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Scissor Lifts on Tracks

scissor lift on tracks at Duralift

The Athena bi-levelling scissor lift functions on tracks rather than tyres, offering even greater flexibility. The base of the machine automatically levels before the platform begins to elevate, keeping you safe while on the platform. This scissor lift can easily move up steep slopes such as car park ramps and its tracks expand and contract to meet gradeability and surface stability.

Check out the Athena 850 or Athena 1090 scissor lift



Choose the right machine for use on a slope or incline

1. Assess the site you need to work at and make note of the ground conditions.
2. Check the gradeability of the slope by using any number of smart phone Apps currently available on iPhone and Android devices.
3. Call Duralift on 1300 580 580 for advice on the right machine for your project.



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