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Access equipment repair & maintenance

When you hire access equipment from Duralift you can rest assured that all the equipment you need is prepared, checked and fully compliant for your safety.

So what does this involve?

Each and every time a machine is off-hired and returned to our yard it is thoroughly cleaned and checked before being sent out to the next hire. This dramatically minimises the chance of a breakdown while on hire.

Additionally, we subject all machines to regular compliance servicing.

What is Regular Compliance Servicing

There is a range of regular compliance servicing required by law before each machine is hired or used. These include;

Programmed Maintenance

AS2250.10 requires servicing of all EWP equipment at regular intervals that do not exceed 90 days.

Major Inspections

AS2250.10 requires all EWP equipment to undergo a major inspection for equipment that reaches 10 years and every 5 years thereafter.

This major inspection involves, the dismantling, testing and reassembly of all critical areas of the machine and the replacement of all unserviceable parts. This is followed by a thorough safety systems check for correct operation.

Read more about the Australian Standards & regulations for EWP that Duralift complies with here 

Meet our Servicing Team – preparing machines for your next hire

Check out who services your Duralift machine.

So, what do you do in the unlikely event of a breakdown?

Duralift offers a fix or swap guarantee to all our customers, where we come onsite to fix or swap the machine with a different one. This ensures that all our customers are able to carry out their tasks on each and every hire.

Duralift is your trusted access hire partner for providing reliable machines for all your hire needs! 

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